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5-Month Old Puppy Heroically Saves Teen From Attacker

Photo: Brigitte Stelzer

Photo: Brigitte Stelzer

When Maya Fairweather, 18, took her boyfriend’s 5-month old puppy for a walk late Monday night, the adorable, spunky, and fun-loving puppy returned the gesture in a big way – by saving her life!

“He’s a good boy. I think he saved my life,” Fairweather told The New York Post.

Around 10pm Monday night, Fairweather left her boyfriend’s Brooklyn apartment to give his pit bull puppy, Apollo, a walk and a chance to romp and play off-leash. When she reached the Red Hook Recreation Area park, she unclipped Apollo’s leash and put on her headphones to listen to some music while the puppy played in the park.

Moments later, an attacker approached.

“I felt someone pull my headphones,” she recalled. “I thought it was my boyfriend grabbing me, so I turned around and smiled — but it wasn’t my boyfriend.”

One heck of an adorable hero!

One heck of an adorable hero!

The man grabbed her by her jacket, threw her to the ground, and began pulling off her pants. Just then, the fearless, heroic guard-puppy came to the rescue!

Apollo bit down on the would-be rapist’s leg, stopping the attack. The man struggled to shake Apollo free, but the heroic dog didn’t let up until Maya was safely across the street. Apollo released his mighty puppy grip and the pair made it safely back to the apartment to contact police.

Fairweather’s boyfriends mother, Sonia Valcarcel, said she initially did not want to have a dog, but, thanks to Apollo’s heroism, the adorable dog is winning her over.

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