Are There Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats?

Do you have a cat in the house but also want to have a dog? Then you have probably considered the question: are there dog breeds that get along with cats? Since we all know how dogs and cats seem to be natural born enemies, we sometimes think that such a thing might be impossible. However, there are some dog breeds that can come to good terms with cats and save you from house trouble.

Having personally owned many dogs and cats over the years, I can safely say that just about any dog can get along with a cat, but there are some breeds that are better at it, and some that are not so good. However, you must keep in mind that even if the breed you have does relate and cope well with cats, the best way to keep them in good terms (for any breed) is early puppy socialization. When your dog knows how to deal with strangers and other animals, then any cat and dog fight is less likely to occur. Lots of times “coming to terms” with the cat happens when the cat claws the puppy across the nose!! And that is usually the end of the dog’s aggression.

A good way to help a dog be on good terms with your house cat is to socialize it with the cat as early as possible, preferably during the puppy stage. The process must be gradually done, and soon your two pets will be best friends.

Are There Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats?

However, there are some breeds that are known to connect well with felines. These include: Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, Samoyed, Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, Old English Sheepdog and Labrador Retriever. These dogs are best known to be intelligent and with a good temperament, which makes them naturally friendlier towards cats and other animals. They can also adapt to new experiences more easily. However, the friendship and relationship between the dog and a cat may still vary depending on their personalities, past experiences, and new situations that may rise or occur in the household.

As there are dog breeds that are compatible with cats, there are also breeds that vets and other experts generally do not recommend being around felines. These are: Parson Russell Terriers or Jack Russell Terriers (the most cat-hating breed known), Pit bulls (as they are mostly depicted in popular media such as cartoons and TV shows), Greyhounds, Cairn Terrier, Weimaraners, Rottweiler, Welsh Terrier, German Pinscher, Border Collie and the Irish Terrier. Border Collies are actually friendly dogs but because they are often used for herding, they can have a certain hatred for cats.  Weimaraners are also known to be extremely aggressive towards felines.

These dogs can be a problem in your household if there is a cat. But there can also be exceptions, such as some reports of Pit bulls being friendly towards cats. However, one should also be aware that there are many cases of cats that were attacked by Pit bulls. Some dogs breeds are aggressive in nature, so this can be a problem — use your best judgment.

My own experience is that any dog can get along with cats if they have started with early exposure to them. As stated in a article:

Some dog breeds tend to be good with cats while others can be problematic, though almost any dog can be cat-friendly with the right upbringing.

Most dogs are good with cats if they have lived with them from an early age, but some dog breeds tend to be particularly cat-friendly.

So for the question are there dog breeds that get along with cats, the conclusion here is that no matter what your dog’s breed is, it still can depend on certain factors whether your dog will get along well with cats. Proper training and socialization is very important, as well as the temperament of both. Dogs can be trained to like cats, and vice-versa, so you can have a peaceful and harmonious life with them.

My cats and dogs have always gotten along well. How about yours?

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