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  3. Nicolas

    Apr 26, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Our dog Hercules he is a boxer pure breed ears aren’t cliped and tail is not cut and we belive taken away from the mother a lil earlyer thene she should have been he has been destroying things when we leav the house ever since we moved to this new town.
    he gets more than enough exercise i had found him a dog park to run and have fun beffore we even started looking for a job for my wife he gets all the love he can have he has a bunch of toys and bones to keep him bussy when we leav the house for work or shoping about 2 times a week I will come home from work and I will have found he destroyed something either ripped the price tag off the sofa ripping off the back of the brand new 600$ sofa while he was at it or he would take a book on the bookshelf destroyed the book do the same thing with DVD cases and the DVDs inside he took his sisters raincoat our other dog she is a 13 years old coton de tulear (maltese cousin) and shredded it he doesn’t pee and poop inside the house and when we are home he is the sweetest thing I play with him all the time when I’m home and always keep him close to me or my wife today he shreded one of the brand new sofa pillows my wife is done with him and im starting to lose hope we love him so much but we need to hide our valubles when we leav the house we spent over 400$ puting plexy glass on the botton of shelvs where he can reach we have a kennel and ussed it in the past but he was so miserable and would bark none stop whene we left the house and him in the kennel that we would get complaints from naibors to a point where the building complex would tell us to find a way to stop the barking or move out theye even gave us the number of a vet that would scratch his vocal cords we dont want that to hapend to hercules

    I have worked with dogs my whole life and consider my self a prety good dog trainer I have never had a problem like this beffore

    We have had him for about 3 years we ussed to live in a smaler apartment

    My wife crys everytime she hugs hercules saying what will we do with you your ruining our lives

    He broke his leg when he was 6 months old ot cost us 3000$ to have it fixed now he has a metal plate in the leg we didint give up on him thene we are still paying that off we have about 2500$ left in creditcards dept and that sofa is allso beeing payd off still have 550$left to payand its half destroyed

    We went to so much i cant imagin coming home and hes not here

    But my wife is right if he dosent calm down we cant keep him we both have iriplasible items from our passed loved ones if he got to theme i cant even begin to think how bad that would be

    Some things about hercules

    He is scared of everything biger than him the first year and a half of his life was inside only cuss of his broken leg
    He is tall and skiny for a boxer favorit toys are plushes but he destroys theme even the ones made of fire hose that cost 30$ he has allways been tough on his toys ironicaly the pixar monster movie plush and the claw machine plushes last way longer.
    The only toys he dosent break are bones and big solide toy balls anything nurf or kong gets destroyed do not recomend
    He has been acting up for about 2 months we been living here for 6 months

    My wife and i both work retail we dont make a lot of money

    we got herculles around the time we had a pet care and a house took in hundreads of animals im talking cats dogs rodents reptiles birds customers would leav theme with us and go on vacation come back to find there loved pet waithing for theme

    If it wasent for that anoying destructive things he does he would be the perfecg dog

    Pleas give us a solution i have not yet tryed that will save me from saying good bye to my best buddy

    Ps sorry for the misspelling and i probably repeted the same things over and over again in my post right now i have hercules in the corner laying there watching me with eyes saying i dont know why your mad at me and im desperate for a solution.

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