Basador Breeding and Behavior Tips

If you’re  thinking of adopting a Basador, breeding and behavior tips should help you decide whether this is a good fit for you and your family. When any two different breeds are cross bred the outcome can be a blend of the best and the worst of each original breed and no one can truly predict how a crossbreed will compare to the expected results.

Basador Breeding and Behavior

Two of the world’s most beloved dog breeds are the Labrador retriever and the Basset Hound. The result of a cross between them is called a Basador. Basadors are a combination of two traditional hunting breeds and will have a strong urge to hunt and sniff out other critters so it’s important to have proper enclosures to prevent escape and be aware that cats and other small pets may not be a good idea around a Basador unless they are trained from the start.

As a crossbreed, Basadors often sport a wider range of sizes and colors but typically include a rugged short legged dog with longish ears and tail. Brown, black and white coloring is common and full grown Basadors average weight ranges from 50-70 lbs. That’s a pretty big dog so keep that in mind when choosing a home.

The personality of the Basador is friendly and loyal. However, Bassett Hounds can have a stubborn, independent nature and one minute they’ll want you to rub their belly and play and the next they want to wander off and explore the woodsy smells and trails. Young labs are highly active too so owners of Basadors must be willing to get outside in all kinds of weather to provide their pet with enough healthy activity.

Another way to provide exercise and training is agility training and other dog sports as long as the dog is physically able. As smart as they are Basadors will not enjoy long and tedious training sessions so keep them short and provide a pleasant experience for you and your dog to bond together. Gradually building trust and leadership only enhances your relationship with your dog.

Early socialization and exposure to children using positive reinforcement is the best way to ensure that your dog is “kid friendly”. With proper training Basadors make wonderful therapy dogs too. A concern for those with allergies is the heavy shedding that is a year round issue. Basadors will require regular brushing, nail care, ear and dental care.

Here are some additional tips for Basador Breeding and Behavior from Victoria Tiegert on Helium.com 

These dogs usually want to please their owners, which is a very helpful trait when it comes to training time. Training should not be approached with a heavy hand; the breed is very sensitive and will not respond well.

Bassadors form strong bonds with their families and do not like being left alone for too long at a time. They will do alright for short periods of alone time, but after a while, they will become bored and possibly, begin destroying your things as they “play”.

It only takes one look to know that specific health issues for Basadors are mainly related to back problems. Overfeeding and jumping off of high furniture such as beds can cause damage to the hips and spine, which may not present themselves until the dog gets older. Cross breeding includes dealing with common health risks from both breeds. A good breeder will test the Labrador and Basset parents for genetic diseases before allowing them to breed.

Do you own a Basador? Please share your impressions of this breed below!



  1. Tracy Gentry

    Mar 24, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    I love my bassador. I had his mama too..she was a lab but sadly passed away. They were together almost 8 years. He is the sweetest cutest dog I’ve had…so lovable.

  2. Gary and Deb

    Dec 12, 2015 at 1:13 am

    We adopted our Leyla from Dog Bless a dog placement that is operated by volunteers and a group of veterentarians who rescued Leyla off the table when she had been ready to be to be put to sleep. She ended up in Victoria BC Canada from Alabama . We wanted a black lab and looked at her and fell in love. She is no designer breed she is one in a million. She will stay outside rain or shine and just sit and watch the stars . She can never be left off leash as of the hound in her will come out and she is just GONE. We were fortunate that her name and our cell number was on her tag as the cell rang and she was a mile away eating dinner. She gets along with our other dogs but cats and rabbits not so much. She is an amazing loving girl and completes our home. We would highly recommend this breed but from training from a puppy stage for running away would be more peaceful. You need a good fence and lots of room. Also do their nails and ears as the basset ears can be a problem with our girl. We routinely clean her ears and brush her then do her nails. She beams.
    Amazing galant gal. Leyla is our black beauty and we are so fortunate. Dog Bless.

  3. janine

    Jun 3, 2015 at 5:25 am

    my husband found some pups for sale and fell in love-he’s always liked bassets anyway and got this little girl-a bassador. we had never heard of a bassador before and just started referring to her as one (that and it was an Estelle Getty/John Wayne thing) . at 1st all I thought was “OMG, another stupid basset (had 1 before and it was dumber than dirt) this little girl started out almost as dumb but after trying to get her housebroken, took her head into my hands, looked into her beautiful big brown eyes and told her she WASN’T a basset, she was a lab (we had 1 and he was VERY intelligent), to feel and become 1 with her inner lab. you know, after that it only took 3 days to housebreak her completely. also refer to her as SFI (short, fat and infuriating) sweet girl is a pain and hates when her “daddy” goes anywhere without her. tries to look innocent, has shows NO guilt over anything. she’s a loyal dog, just not to me- quite the clown

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