Can You Help to Find This Injured Dog’s Owner?

(Photo Credit: Western Pennsylvania Humane Society)

(Photo Credit: Western Pennsylvania Humane Society)

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is seeking the public’s help in finding the owner of a severely injured dog.

The dog, a 4-year old Siberian Husky, was found wandering in the Homewood area, emaciated, covered in urine burns, showing signs of neglect, and with a disturbing, deep gash that spans about 50% around his neck.

The dog, who rescuers are calling Barney, was taken to an emergency veterinarian for help.

“He looks good today,” Dr. Julie Compton with PVSEC told KDKA News. “He’s bright, barking. He is looking for food, hungry. He is much improved after yesterday and his wound looks so much better after being cleaned up.”

After surgery to repair his wound, Barney will be returned to the Humane Society where he’ll be placed for adoption. Dr. Compton was surprised at what a nice, happy dog he was, despite what he’s been through.

“Some of the dogs in that area are abused, whether it’s by neglect or abuse physically, they can turn out to be nasty dogs, this dog is not nasty,” she said. “This dog wags its tail to see you. This dog wants to come and greet you.”

Meanwhile, the search to find whoever did this continues.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society at (412)-321-4625 ext. 216

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