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Cops Responding to ‘Vicious Dog’ Call Find Happy Snuggle-Nugget Instead

When Texarcana, Texas police responded to calls about a “vicious pit bull” on the loose, they headed to the scene expecting a challenge. What they found instead was a big, happy, goofy snuggle-nugget that had simply lost his way and just wanted some lovin’!

vicious dog

Image via Texarcana Texas Police Department.

Texarcana Texas Police Officer Travis Frost was first on the scene responding to the dangerous dog.

While waiting for Animal Control to arrive, he spotted the caramel-colored pooch lounging on a resident’s front porch and cautiously got out of his patrol car, but left the vehicle door open in case the dog lunged for him.

He whistled for the dog and, to his surprise, the big squishy cuddle-bug came trotting over, tail-wagging, in hopes of scoring some loving attention.

The police department posted details to their Facebook page:

“Well, this didn’t go quite like we thought it would.

After we got a vicious dog call this morning, Officer Travis Frost spotted the dog laying on someone’s front porch there. Travis said that he left the door of his patrol unit open so he could quickly jump back in if the dog was vicious and came after him. He whistled at the dog, who then came trotting over to him with his tail wagging. After Travis pet the dog for a minute, he went right up to the patrol unit, jumped in the front seat, and just made himself at home. Travis said they just hung out together and took some pictures until an Animal Control Officer got there.

Pit Bulls have a bit of a bad reputation. Travis said that, while you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs. They might be really loving like this guy was this morning.”

Officer Frost hung out and snapped a few photos with the silly dog while waiting for Animal Control to arrive.

Although the friendly pup was microchipped, his registration was not current, so Animal Control officers weren’t able to immediately reunite him with his family. But, the following morning, the happy boy – whose named turned out to be Gold – was returned to his grateful family!

Remember, it’s important to not only have your pets microchipped, but the make sure the chip is registered and kept up-to-date with current contact information.

Also… don’t ever judge a book (or a dog) by its cover.

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