Couple Kicked Out of Florida Restaurant Because of Service Dogs

A Florida couple is filing a complaint with the county’s office of human rights after they were forced to leave a Clearwater Beach restaurant because of their service dogs.

It was Saturday morning when this Florida couple loaded up their service dogs, a pair of Maltese-Yorkie mixes into a stroller and went out for breakfast. When a restaurant worker confronted them about the dogs, they said they both have disabilities that require them to use the alert dogs and that they were protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Still, the worker did not believe the dogs were service dogs and called 911. When police arrived, they escorted the couple out of the restaurant.

The restaurant manager told WKMG, she is retraining her staff about service dogs and the AWD Act.

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In response to this video, a surprising majority of people have voiced opinions that side with the restaurant worker. It’s very clear that the general public as a whole is still very uninformed about service dogs. 

One commenter asked why the dogs aren’t wearing a vest, or why didn’t they just show their service dog certification. That’s because their is no central service dog certification system. Service dogs are not required to wear vests. A service dog can be any breed, any size dog. They can perform a wide variety of service, from providing physical assistance like picking up objects, or being used for balance, to detecting oncoming seizures and calming anxieties – and everything in between.

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