Different Needs Of Small Breeds

Do you own a large breed of dog and a small breed also? If you do, then you already know small dog breeds have slightly different needs than the large dog in the home. Let’s take a look at what these different needs are, and how you can meet them for the pint size pooch in the home.

Small dog breeds have a natural ability to become as astute as Houdini when escaping from your fenced in yard. Larger dogs are actually easier to keep contained because of their sheer physical size. Not so with the little guys. Because so many of these smaller breeds have been bred for hunting and digging into the burrows of game animals they are more than able to dig their way to freedom. The best thing I have found to keep my small dogs within the safe confines of my yard is the underground electronic invisible fence. Works like a charm, and I always know my dogs are safe when out romping in the yard.

When it comes to the food you are feeding a small dog, it is important to keep in mind they have smaller teeth and throats, so feeding the dog large chunky dry dog food better suited to large breeds of dogs is not safe. Select a quality food in small bite size pieces so the dog can eat them easily and digest them properly. Mixing in canned softer dog foods a couple times a week is ok, but any more often than this is not good for the health of the dog’s teeth. The moist foods do not remove tarter build-up like dry food does, plus the moist food tends to stay between the teeth promoting tooth decay.

Dogs are dogs and they are pack animals. This means the little pooch is going to look to you as the leader of his “pack”, which is you and your family. He or she must understand they are not the Alpha member of this pack. If you allow them to believe they are, and this happens because they have not been correctly trained behaviorally and socially, the dog will run the home and the lives of everyone living there. Add into this the fact many of the small dogs tend to have a bit of an inferiority complex, and can become quite assertive if you do not train them.

Owning small dog breeds is perfect for many people, but along with this comes knowing what the dogs needs are and meeting them.

Do you own small dogs? Please relate to our readers the experiences you have had with your dog.

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