Do You Have A Weird Dog? Jimmy Fallon Wants to See a Pic!

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Every dog owner has, at least once in their dog’s lives, looked at their goofy dog and thought, “you’re weird,” including Late Night talk show host and dog lover, Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon posted this photo of his Golden Retriever puppy, Gary, saying “Gary likes to eat her bed.” Now he wants to see YOUR weird pet pics! Photo courtesy Jimmy Fallon/Instagram.

The comedian posted a snapshot of his Golden Retriever puppy, Gary, alongside a bed that she’d just devoured. “Gary likes to eat her bed,” the Late Night host wrote on Instagram.

As much as Fallon loves his little golden girl, he also appreciates her weirdness – and he wants his fans to get in on the fun, too. He’s asking fans and followers to share their own weird pets with the world, and he’s sharing them on his show!

“Post a #mypetisweird pic on Instagram and we’ll put it on our show this week!” he Tweeted Monday.

Do you have a photo of your dog being a certified weirdo? Post it to Instagram, tag it with #mypetisweird, and you just might get to see your little bundle of joy on TV!

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights on NBC at 12:35am EST.


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  1. I do have some really goofy photos of my weird dog, Tucker, however I do not have either Instagram or and Android phone. Is there any other way that I can share them?