Dog Breeds that Bark Less

For city dwellers, dog breeds that bark less can be highly desirable.  Note the word less.  Dogs do bark.  But, if you want to get a leg up on training your dog not to bark, it may help to pick a breed known for barking less.  Note that these breeds are generally not good watchdogs.  This HubPages website identifies a few dog breeds that bark less.

…one must keep in mind that there is not such thing as a dog that does not bark. All dogs need to express themselves and they do so by barking. Puppies in order to survive must whine in order to get their mother’s attention. Another consideration is that each dog is an individual and therefore, there will be dogs that will be more vocal and dogs that will be less even within a litter a puppies. Keeping these two considerations in mind, following are some dog breeds that have a reputation of barking less.

Top Quiet Dog Breeds


The Basenji has a reputation of not being a barker, however they are not totally mute. Rather, they tend to produce noises similar to those produced by a coyote or a wolf. Basenji’s are capable of screaming, howling, growl and yodeling, however, they are not repeat barkers, rather their barks are pretty isolated. Their tendency not to bark much is due to the fact that they derive from wild canines at the time where silence and stealth was required in order to be good hunters and survive.


Whippets are sleek dogs that somehow resemble a Greyhound in appearance. They are not inclined to bark much because they tend to have a shy and reserved temperament. The fact that they may or may not bark at strangers approaching your home, make them poor guard dogs. They make trusting companions that are friendly to visitors. They are a good choice therefore for people concerned about maintaining a quiet setting.


This Russian breed may require exercise and daily walks, but they give some peace and quiet in exchange because they are not much inclined to bark when compared to other dogs. Like the Whippet they do not make good guard dogs because they are not territorial. They are very gentle dogs that are well mannered around people when socialized properly.


This dog breed is on the quiet side but they are are quite large specimens. Some can even reach up to 150 pounds. If space is not an issue, this lovely dog breed requires daily walks but they are calm and gentle giants that make ideal companions. While they are not known to bark a lot, some will bark to alert their owners of the presence of an intruder or a strange noise.

Now you know the dog breeds that bark less, read the full article to find out which breeds bark most.  Do you have a quiet breed?  How much does your dog bark?

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