Dog Abandoned with ‘FREE’ Written on Her Fur

LibbyIt’s a sad fact, dogs are abandoned every day. But, not usually in the shocking manner that this sweet girl was left.

Shannon Bettencourt was walking in downtown Benicia, California on July 3 when she spotted a dog, scared and whimpering next to a tree outside of a Chinese restaurant. The frightened dog had ‘FREE’ scrawled across her sides in black magic marker and the words ‘I need a home’ scribbled on her forehead.

“The first thing I thought was to call the police but then I was like no, they’re going to call animal control,” Bettencourt explained to KTVU News. “I didn’t know what could happen from there. I was like no way, I’ll at least keep her for the night.”

One night was all Bettencourt needed to fall in love with the sweet old girl.

“Somebody just kind of treated her like trash but she ended up being my treasure,” Bettencourt told reporters.

She decided to keep her and named her Libby, short for Liberty since she was found so close to Independence Day. Bettencourt says Libby is very smart, well-behaved, and clearly has had some training, making it even more shocking that someone would abandon her so carelessly.

As sad as her story started, Bettencourt says that finding Libby was a blessing. She’ll spend the rest of her days being loved by her new forever family.

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