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Dog Not Ticketed for Crashing Car in Meijer Parking Lot

When police were called to the scene of an auto accident in the Owensboro, Kentucky Meijer parking lot, they were amused to learn it was a dog that had caused the crash.


Paul Shearn was planning the perfect Labor Day weekend of camping and fishing at his grandpa’s farm with his best furry friend, 13-year old Black Lab, Elvis, by his side.

Shearn loaded up his truck and camper, grabbed his fishing rod, a cast iron skillet, and a container of bacon grease he’d planned to use to season the pan and, along with Elvis, hit the road. When he stopped at a Meijer store to grab some supplies on the way out of town, he parked the truck several spaces away from any other vehicles, left it running with the air conditioner on, and headed inside to fetch some hamburger.

“I said, ‘Elvis, don’t go acting a fool and get people calling the cops on us,’” Shearn told the Owensboro Times.

A few minutes later when Shearn returned to the parking lot, he saw police, store employees, and spectators surrounding a truck that had crashed into another car in the lot.

When Shearn came saw the commotion, he wondered, “what idiot would park his truck so close to another car.” He quickly realized that it was his own truck, and his own dog, that had hit the parked car.

Shearn believes Elvis took the opportunity to help himself to the container of bacon grease sitting on the dash while he was inside the store and, in the process, knocked the truck into drive. The truck and camper had rolled uphill about past 4 to 5 empty spaces and stopped when it struck a vehicle belonging to a Meijer employee.

“He just got a little bit of courage and a little snack to hold him over,” Shearn said.

Elvis was not injured in the crash and the truck he was driving suffered no damage. There was slight damage to the Meijer employee’s vehicle. Shearn, a youth pastor at a local church, said once the employee came to terms with what had happened, they all couldn’t help but get a good laugh out of it.

Even police got a chuckle over the crash. For those wondering, Elvis was not ticketed for his part in the accident.

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