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Dog That Vanished 10 Years Ago is Finally Returning Home

A decade ago, 2-year old Black Lab, Abby, was playing in her Pennsylvania backyard when she wandered off. As the days turned to weeks, months, and even years, Abby’s family eventually accepted that she was gone forever.

That was until 10 years later, when she mysteriously turned up on a porch not far from where she disappeared so long ago.


“This is Abigail. She’s about 12-years-old, and she just came back home after being away for 10 years,” Debra Suierveld said of her beloved dog, the dog she thought was long ago deceased.

Abby was last seen in 2008 when she wandered away from home while playing with near the woods in her Apollo, Pennsylvania backyard.

The family searched for weeks, months, and ultimately accepted that Abby was gone forever.

Until last Saturday when George Speiring found a large-breed senior dog just hanging out on the front porch of his Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania home. George contacted police who sent rescuers from Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley to help.

Rescuers scanned the unknown dog and discovered – thanks to a microchip implanted when she was just a puppy, that she was Abby, the Suierveld’s beloved dog that disappeared a decade ago.

Most impressively, she was found only 10 miles from where she was last seen so long ago!

While the family have no idea where Abby was for the last 10 years, they say whoever had her took good care of her. While she’s a senior now at 12 years old, she’s happy, healthy, and still has some of the same adorable habits she displayed as a young pup.

“She would lie on the floor and cross her paws, and she remembers my daughter’s commands, and she remembers the commands I taught her,” said Debra.

Remember, a microchip is the only permanent identification that can ultimately bring a lost or missing dog back home, even a decade later. Please, microchip your pets and keep their registration current, no matter how much time has passed. And, never give up hope.

The Suiervelds had a family reunion on Sunday to officially welcome home the dog they mourned for so long ago. Welcome home, Abby!

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