Essential Dog Supplies

What are the essential dog supplies a dog owner should always have on hand? For those who already own a dog or puppy you probably have most of these items, but for those who are about to bring a puppy or adult dog home for the first time we have a list below of what doggy products you are going to need.

Many of the essential dog supplies the first time dog owner will need include food, water and food bowls, leash, collar, dog shampoo for bathing, ID tags, training crate, dog bed, a quality hair brush for grooming, chew toys, treats, and flea and tick treatment medication. These are the bare necessities required to provide for a dog or puppy.

The food you feed a puppy or adult dog must be of a high quality to provide the proper mix of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is always a good idea to back up this with a daily vitamin supplement to fill-in any nutritional needs the dog food may miss.

Never allow the dog to eat table scraps as these will not benefit the dog’s nutritional requirements, and some human foods and spices can actually create health problems. Feeding table scraps also promotes a dog to sit by the table begging for his share, and this can be quite annoying, especially when you have friends over for dinner. The other main concern about table scraps is the dog will quickly put on weight to the point they are obese, and this is detrimental to their long term health.

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