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On the First Night in Her New Home, Adopted Dog Saves Toddler’s Life

On her first night in her new home, newly rescued dog, Sadie, became the rescuer when she saved a 2-year old toddler’s life.

When a family opened their hearts to a dog that needed a loving home, it wasn’t long before they learned they needed her as much as she needed them!

Sadie was adopted by a young family when her elderly owner could no longer care for her.

On her very first night in her new home with the young family that included a 2-year old little boy, Sadie began barking uncontrollably and awoke the boy’s mother.

She awoke to discover that the toddler’s blood sugar had dropped to dangerous levels while he slept. Thankfully, the boy’s mother was awakened and able to get him the care he needed to survive.

Somehow, Sadie knew something was wrong and, without her barking, the ordeal could very likely have been deadly for the toddler.

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