Former Vick Dog Wins ‘GUND TOP DOG’ Stuffed Animal Contest

Just a few weeks after Michael Vick’s announcement last year that he planned to adopt another dog, a former “Vick Dog” made headlines of his own!

Jonny Justice, left, and his Limited Edition Gund Plush, right. The Jonny Justice plush will be available late this Summer from Gund. Photo courtesy Gund.

Jonny Justice, an adorably charismatic Staffordshire bull terrier and former fighting dog for Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, snagged the GUND TOP DOG prize in the stuffed animal manufacturer’s Facebook contest to find the cutest model for a new toy. For his win, Jonny is now a Limited Edition GUND plush pet!

In 2007, Jonny was seized from Vick’s home along with 50 other dogs. Until that day, his life had been spent fighting and being abused, not loved and cherished like all dogs deserve. But, Jonny’s story is one of true success. After being rehabilitated and finding a perfect forever home, Jonny became certified as a therapy dog and even volunteered with the children’s reading program, Paws for Tales.

Jonny’s plush will be available from GUND late this summer in stores and online!

Want to see Jonny Justice in action? Here’s a great video of the charismatic pup!

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