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Dog Owner Shocked When Golden Retriever Gives Birth to Green Puppy

It was all hands on deck when Golden retriever Rio went into labor. And, when one of her nine puppies was born mint green instead of gold, everyone was really stunned!

green puppy

Image via Cascade News

Scotland dog owner, Louise Sutherland got the surprise of a lifetime when her 3-year old Golden retriever, Rio, gave birth to nine healthy pups – and one of them was GREEN!

It was only the fourth time in history a puppy is known to have been born with a rare, albeit temporary, mint green coat. Caused by a bile pigment called biliverdin found in the mother’s placenta, when it mixes with the mother’s amniotic fluid it can stain the puppy’s coat a unique light, mint-green color.

In honor of his unusually hued coat, Sutherland named the tiny pup Forest.

Forest’s 7 brothers and 1 sister will eventually find new homes, but Sutherland has decided to keep her unusual little miracle dog for herself.

green puppy

Image via Cascade News

Forest’s green coat has already begun to fade to the same light golden hue of his canine brothers and sister.

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