Help Find a Deployed Soldier’s Missing Dog!

Zara1Jon Walker, a U.S. Army soldier, looked forward to seeing his dog again for more than a year since he deployed. Now that he’s finally returned home, this American hero is still hoping to see her again.

Jon’s dog, Zara, is a German Shepherd. During his deployment, she was cared for by a sitter. Around 4:30pm on July 28th, Zara and Ashley, the pet sitter, were playing a game of fetch in Millersville, Maryland. That’s when Zara disappeared.

Jon’s sister Sarah explained on a Facebook page set up to help find Zara:

They were playing fetch and she threw the ball told her to go get it and Zara kept running and went over a hill and Ashley (the sitter) lost sight of her. Ashley said she went after her and called her and she didn’t come back. Every single one of us that know Zara, including Ashley, said that’s NOT like Zara to do so.

The pet sitter and soldier’s family employed tracking dogs, but no scent trails were found. There have been no sightings. The family is beginning to speculate that Zara might have been stolen.

Zara has a pink embroidered collar on her that just says ZARA 443.995.0633 (The pet-sitter’s phone number), but remind people that if she was stolen, her collar would likely have been changed. She is also microchipped, with her microchip registration linked to her soldier dad.

While the exhaustive search continues, a fundraising page has been setup to raise funds associated with the search. That page can be found here.

For more information, updates, photos, and contact information, or to assist in the search for Zara, visit Help Bring Zara Home on Facebook.



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