Helping Your Pudgy Pooch Back To Slim and Trim

Ever wonder why we carefully watch what our kids eat so they do not become over weight, yet we totally allow our dogs to blow up to balloon size without giving it a thought? Admit it, many of us do this, and when you need to get your pudgy pooch back to slim and trim condition it is time to man up and do what is best for the health of your dog no matter how much he begs or whines.

The top reason for helping a pudgy pooch back to slim and trim condition is health. Overweight dogs are far more prone to develop diabetes, suffer from painful back conditions, heart problems, and the eventually breaking down of hip and leg joints due to toting around all the extra weight. Generally speaking overweight dogs tend to be house dogs that eat table scraps and do not receive enough exercise. So this is a great place to start-cut off the table scrapes and put your dog on a daily walking plan. This will help reduce their weight as well as increase their level of energy.

Helping your pudgy pooch back to slim and trim can begin with the above two examples while reducing the amount of regular dog food you feed each day. Try switching to a well-balanced dog food based on meat as the main ingredient and do away with feeding twice a day. Once in the evening is sufficient, and never leave your dog’s food bowl full all day long. You may also want to consider switching to a diet dog food with fewer calories than what you currently feed the dog. If you go this route make the switch slowly over a period of a couple weeks so your dog has time to adjust to eating a different food.

When switching to a low calorie dog food your dog will probably turn their nose up at first and refuse to eat, but eventually they will become hungry enough to try the new food and will soon be eating as much as you put out. Here is a tip many dog owners do not know—a dog who has food in their bowl constantly will appear to nibble at the food during the day without eating much at the time. This is misleading as they never really have a chance to get really hungry and gain more weight. It is far better to see your dog eat once a day and eat all you put out.

Helping your pudgy pooch back to slim and trim get back into shape takes time but is well worth the effort.

How do you keep your dog’s weight down? Comments and advice are welcome below.

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