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Heroic Animal Lover Saves Dog From Burning SUV


A heroic North Carolina animal lover is credited with saving the life of a beloved family dog when she became trapped inside a burning SUV.

The Hilton family were inside an Asheville restaurant on Monday morning when their SUV caught fire in the parking lot. Their dog, Abby, was trapped inside.

Chad Reiginter happened to be passing by when he saw the smoke and noticed the dog trapped inside. He quickly sprung into action to save the frightened pup.

“I just grabbed my pocket knife and started smashing windows, and I tried to reach the dog through the first window and he wouldn’t come out, so I just started smashing windows and all of a sudden he ran out the back window and took off,” Reiginter said.

The Hiltons believe wiring in the SUV caught fire, sparking the blaze.

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