High-Tech Dog Collar Sends Text Alerts to Owners

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This summer, stories of dogs dying in hot cars have been making headlines almost daily. But, one advertising executive decided to do something about it. Aaron Starkman and a team at his ad agency, Rethink, have invented a dog collar that texts a dog owner’s cellphone when the temperature is too hot for a dog to handle.


The “Dog Caller” sends a text alert to owners when their dogs are exposed to unsafe temperatures, like those in a hot car. Photo credit The Toronto Star.

The Toronto Star reported,

Made of a SIM card, a thermistor, a few LEDs and a coded chip, the “Dog Caller” operates like a cellphone without a keypad or screen. Whether a power outage leaves Fido trapped in a sweltering apartment or an owner leaves their pup in a stuffy car, the collar monitors temperature and alerts owners when it passes a 26-degrees-Celsius (that’s almost 79 degrees Fahrenheit) tipping point — before it’s too late for their pets.

The dog loving ad agency created the “Dog Caller” in hopes of saving dogs’ lives. While the collar is still in the prototype phase now, Rethink plans to sell the collar for around $20 when it is released to market next year.

Starkman told The Toronto Star that the collar is by no means an invitation for dog owners to leave their dogs in the car. “We never ever under any circumstance want anyone leaving a dog in a car,” Starkman said “but if the collar does end up saving a dog in a car, we’ll obviously be thrilled in that result.”

At this price point, the potential for dog owners to afford and use the “Dog Caller” is tremendous. We applaud Rethink’s efforts to save the lives of the dogs we love so much!

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  1. Great idea! Our house is air conditioned, and I would love to have an alert if, God forbid, it stopped working and my dogs’ lives were in jeopardy. This could possibly save the lives of a lot of dogs.