How to Keep Fido from Eating Too Fast

It can be rather frustrating when feeding your pooch is more like tossing raw chicken at a starving alligator. Bear in mind that the faster Fido eats, the less he chews, which can result in choking. When he races through his food, he is also swallowing a very large amount of air that can lead to burping or passing gas. It is harmless but definitely can be unpleasant for the people around. Eating too fast can also lead to bloat, a painful twisted stomach that is usually fatal.

Creative Ways to Get your Pooch Eat Slowly

Some of the most commonly used strategies to help dogs slow down and really taste their food include the following:

1. Use of non-tip metal food and water bowls. Try flipping these bowls upside down and then spread Fido’s food in the ring that surrounds the circle. This way, your pooch will have to circle around his food at the same time move his head up while shifting to the other side.

2. Use of Brake Fast Bowl. This is a commercial-made non-tip plastic bowl with knobs at the center. Because it has no grip ring, it slides when the dog eats which causes him to have to chase his food.

3. Feeding from interactive puzzles and treat toys. With puzzles and treat toys, your dog has to move covers, slide lids, or roll a toy around to get the food out. This way, your dog is only served a few pieces at a time, and he’s kept occupied and mentally stimulated at the same time.

4. Use of other low-cost ideas such as splitting up Fido’s kibble into a cupcake pan by placing a few parts in every cup. You may also try dividing the food by making use of separate food bowls and then placing them in various locations. By having your pooch find his food to eat, you provide him breaks between the gulps.

5. Placing a large rock in the bowl and then spreading Fido’s food around it may also work. Because some dogs eat rocks if small enough to ingest, only use the large ones.

6. If none of these techniques work, try raising your dog’s food bowl off the ground. This way, you can slow him down, decreasing the amount of air he swallows. Positioning their heads up also makes burping much easier.

Does your dog scarf down his meals? Do you have any tips to share? Please do!

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