How To Stop Smelly Dog Farts

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It’s no secret.  Dogs fart.

We fart when you change our diet.

We fart when something upsets our system.

People fart all the time, but when dogs fart, it seems to become World War Three.

Well, my dog parent recently met with a young woman who has a solution that really works.

And whenever I let one go, he reaches over for his secret weapon.

Watch Jenn in this video:

How To Stop Smelly Dog Farts


Go check out her site:  Sniff Pet Candles

And breathe freely again.

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  1. The link is broken for sniff pet candles and my android phone doesn’t support the plugin needed to play Jenn’s video.
    My Question/Problem:
    Is there a Gas X for dogs? I have a 90 pound service dog that can really let one loose! Since he is often relaxing at my feet in public, this can be a problem. He’s not in any discomfort, since he’s usually asleep when he fumigates the room! A vet once recommended a 1/2 pepcid every day for my cat’s acid reflux, so I’m wondering if there is a safe remedy for my dog. The best I have come up with is scented body spray and a quick brushing.