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International Women’s Day: Dogs are Woman’s Best Friend, Too!

On International Women’s Day, “Woman’s Best Friend Too,” a program that highlights the special bond between women and their dogs, has turned the age-old saying of ‘man’s best friend’ on its head.

The ‘Woman’s Best Friend Too’ campaign, launched by CESAR® Brand showcases the depth of the relationships between women and their pups with stories from real women in a variety of scenarios and showing how their dogs stick by their side when they need them the most. It’s a campaign that truly celebrates the love between women and their dogs.

To bring “Woman’s Best Friend Too” to life, photographer Elias Weiss Freidman took to the streets of New York, capturing images and stories of 14 real women and their canine companions. Friedman captured women from all walks of life, including Shakirah DeMesier, 29, from New York City, whose pup Khani helped her through the loss of her mother. “My mom used to call her Macaque, which means monkey in French. We’re Haitian. She’d always respond to it, even though that’s not her name.” When Shakirah’s mother passed away, Khani was there with unconditional love and playfulness to pull her out of her sadness. “We care for each other in ways that I don’t think exist in a human relationship.”

Actress and dog lover Lucy Hale has also joined the campaign to share her own special relationship with her dog, Elvis. As Lucy puts it, “Elvis is my majestic little creature! He joins me on the road and at home as my constant companion. His playful and mischievous personality reminds me of my childhood dog, Jack. This similarity helps keep me close to my family and friends back home in Tennessee.”

Women featured in the videos and the real women photographed as part of this series can be found online at  and

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