Is Katie Holmes Replacing Tom Cruise With a Puppy?

Anyone that’s ever suffered a loss in their life knows that a dog is almost magical at filling that void. Could Katie Holmes be filling Tom Cruise’s place in the family with a new puppy?

This Saturday, the Batman Returns star took her daughter, Suri, to a pricey-puppy store in Manhattan. The pet shop attendant pulled two puppies for Katie and Suri to see – a French Bulldog and a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix). But, the newly single-mom left (with a sobbing Suri in tow) without purchasing a puppy.

The starlet’s visit to the posh puppy store has animal activists and pro-adoption advocates up in arms. Radar Online reported that North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue organization, has invited the former Mrs. Cruise and Suri to visit their adoption center and give a homeless dog a loving home, rather than purchasing from a pet store, an act that perpetuates the puppy mill business.

New York based North Shore Animal League is asking Katie Holmes to follow their motto, “adopt a pet, save a life.”

Puppies purchased from pet stores are typically bought from puppy mills. If people stop purchasing from pet stores, these stores will stop offering puppies for sale, and puppy mills will go out of business. Many healthy puppies – even purebreds – are available for adoption at rescues around the country. Or, if Katie insists on buying from a breeder, she should find a reputable one that takes care of their breeding dogs, only breeds healthy lines, and only places their pups in loving homes. A reputable breeder will never sell their puppies to a pet store, as they insist on knowing where their dogs’ offspring spend their lives.


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