Looking for an Extra Special Pet? Consider a Disabled Dog

Are you considering adopting a dog? If you’re looking for an extra special pet, you might consider adopting a disabled dog!

Just over 10 years ago, Joyce Darrell and her husband, Michael Dickerson, adopted a carefree, vibrant, playful, and healthy puppy named Duke from their local shelter. Their story doesn’t end there, however. Two months after bringing Duke into their family, the shepherd mix puppy broke his back while playing as puppies do, and their lives were forever changed. At 6 months old, Duke was confined to a wheelchair. Joyce explains, at her website, PetsWithDisabilities.org:

When we adopted Duke and took him home it was a commitment, thru sickness and health until death do us part – he was a member of our family. So many people forget that adopting a dog is a commitment, and once their dog gets ill or sick they still need to commit to caring for them.

A few months after Duke’s accident, Darrell heard about another disabled dog, Misty, that had spent the last 5 years in NY shelters, being passed up for adoption in favor of other dogs without special needs. The family adopted her immediately.

Now living with 2 special-needs dogs, Joyce and Mike realized that no support system or education existed for people with disabled dogs. After years of educating and informing people of the wonderful spirit of disabled dogs and the joy they can bring into lives, Joyce decided to devote herself full time to rescuing these special pets, and Pets With Disabilities rescue was born. Between Joyce, Mike, and a handful of volunteers, PWD provides education, support, rescue, shelter, and assistance for disabled dogs and their dog parents

Pets with Disabilities is a rescue, not a dumping ground for people’s dogs who have become incontinent.  Guardians/ Owners, shame on you for not being there when your dog gets hurt. When you adopt a dog, it is a commitment; changing your life for a dog you love is what being a human is all about.

Check out the coverage below that Pets With Disabilities received from the Today Show:

Visit PetsWithDisabilities.org to see adoptable dogs, hear inspiring success stories, and to donate to this wonderful rescue organization.

Do you have a disabled or special-needs dog? Tell us about your special friend in a comment below!

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