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Mailman Caught on Camera Pepper Spraying Dog Through Fence

A furious dog owner is seeking justice after her home’s surveillance system captured the mailman pepper spraying her dog who was safely contained inside a fenced yard.

Oscar, a 5-year old, 20-pound Beagle was safely contained within the confines of his fenced-in Baytown, Texas yard when the mailman arrived to deliver the mail.

As the mailman passed the front of the home, headed toward the mailbox, Oscar can be seen in home surveillance camera footage following along and barking, but posing no threat to the postal worker. The mailman safely deposits the mail into the box and continues on toward the next house, stopping just short of reaching the end of the yard to assault the innocent dog with a blast of pepper spray.

Oscar’s owner, Michelle Perez is justifiably furious, telling KPRC, “My dog is no harm. He’s just barking, that’s it. I mean I don’t think a dog should get sprayed for barking.”

Perez said after watching the footage, she went down the street and confronted the mailman who admitted to pepper spraying Oscar.

Following the incident, Perez contacted Baytown Police who referred her to an animal abuse hotline. Perez says she was told by the hotline that there was nothing they could do.

She’s now filed a report with the post office and wants action taken against the mailman that sprayed her dog for no reason. She has not yet heard back from the post office.

“I just don’t want this to happen again, or to another dog,” she said. “There’s no telling how many times he’s done this.”

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