Man Charged With Animal Abuse After Facebook Photo Goes Viral

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Credit: Greenville County Animal Care Services/Facebook
Credit: Greenville County Animal Care Services/Facebook

A South Carolina man faces animal cruelty charges after a photo of a small dog dangling from his second-story balcony went viral on Facebook.

A neighbor spotted the dangling dog and snapped a photo which she posted to Facebook over the weekend. After the image went viral, several concerned citizens contacted police via Facebook and Twitter, while others called in to report the image and the abuse. Police sent Animal Control officers to the Greenville, S.C. apartment complex with the incident occurred and questioned resident Tyler Smith.

23-year old Tyler Smith was fined more than $1,000 and faces us to 30 days in jail for violating the city ordinance on animal care.

According to police, it was raining heavily at the time the photo was taken. Police believe Smith was lowering the dog to the ground to use the bathroom.

The dog, who belongs to Smith’s parents, was wearing a harness, not a standard collar, and was not injured.

If you are witness to animal abuse, take photos, gather information, and contact police – something CAN be done.



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  3. If you are that lazy, then give the poor baby to someone who would gladly get off their backsides to walk the baby to do it’s business out side or get puppy pads for it, But in my true opinion you need to be hug by that same rope for as long if not longer then that baby was and you should NEVER EVER be able to have any type of pet in your life time again!!!!!!!!

  4. It is good that the dog owner is facing consequences for his actions. But am I the only one surprised that the neighbor’s reaction was to snap a picture and post it on Facebook instead of calling the police?! Why did it have to go viral before action was taken? I wonder what his post read on the picture – “Someone should do something about this…” Why didn’t the neighbor contact the police himself?

  5. We camp a lot and even put raincoats on our dogs when it is raining. People shouldn’t have dogs if they are too lazy to take care of them. All states should have animal abuse laws.

  6. Its good that people care about animal abuse and call authorities but here where i live in UPPER SANDUSKY OHIO. The law refuse to do anything about animal abuse. When i reported it i was told “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” Police here just collect their pay and act like they are GOD and do as they please since they have the gun and badge.

  7. Along with the fine for 30 days, he should be required to be lowered the two stories by his belt buckle every time he has to pee. A few wedgees for him might make him see the error of his ways, or at least he would feel the errors as his crack starts to crack!

    • the dog did have a harness so it probably wasnt uncomfortable but horribly stupid

      the guy should get the same treatment

      a harness and someone lowering him by hand would probably still scare the pants off him

  8. Just 30 days? Honestly, there should be harsher laws for animal abusers. Not just animal abuse, but since this is a dog post, I’ll leave it at that.

  9. Puppy pads are great for rainy days. He could have put them on his balcony.
    I can’t believe this guy’s laziness.

  10. Get up off your A– & take the dog out…. Something needs to be done..UNACCEPTABLE !!!!! You can pause your BALLGAME…. It doesn’t sound like he has a brain…Keep the dog get rid of dumba–

  11. Do you mean to tell us that a 23 year old guy didn’t want to get his feet wet so he dangled his parent’s dog down 2 stories to he could go to the bathroom? Either the guy is a total wuss or something is rotten in Denmark. I believe both scenarios are true. SMH…

  12. Oh for the love God! That’s it, if you can’t be bothered to get a little wet from rain to take your dog to pee then NO DOG FOR YOU! Jeez, if you’re that pitifully lazy, buy some puppy pads but don’t do THIS. Too many stupid people in the world, just too damn many.