Man Charged With Animal Abuse After Facebook Photo Goes Viral


Credit: Greenville County Animal Care Services/Facebook

Credit: Greenville County Animal Care Services/Facebook

A South Carolina man faces animal cruelty charges after a photo of a small dog dangling from his second-story balcony went viral on Facebook.

A neighbor spotted the dangling dog and snapped a photo which she posted to Facebook over the weekend. After the image went viral, several concerned citizens contacted police via Facebook and Twitter, while others called in to report the image and the abuse. Police sent Animal Control officers to the Greenville, S.C. apartment complex with the incident occurred and questioned resident Tyler Smith.

23-year old Tyler Smith was fined more than $1,000 and faces us to 30 days in jail for violating the city ordinance on animal care.

According to police, it was raining heavily at the time the photo was taken. Police believe Smith was lowering the dog to the ground to use the bathroom.

The dog, who belongs to Smith’s parents, was wearing a harness, not a standard collar, and was not injured.

If you are witness to animal abuse, take photos, gather information, and contact police – something CAN be done.



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