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Police Searching for Man that Dumped Frozen Dog’s Body Behind Detroit Liquor Store

Police are searching and Detroit Dog Rescue is offering $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of an unknown man that was caught on video dumping the body of a frozen, dead dog behind a Detroit liquor store.

It was the day after Christmas, most families still reveling in holiday joy, when an unknown man pulled his truck behind a Detroit liquor store and unloaded the body of a deceased Golden retriever before driving off.

The owner of First Class Liquor on Eastlawn and Warren in Detroit, Michigan noticed something on the ground behind his store, covered in blankets. When he went to see what it was, he discovered the body of a female Golden retriever wearing a black collar, apparently frozen to death, her fluffy tail and paws peeking out from beneath the blanket.


Surveillance footage showed the driver of this truck dumping a dog’s frozen body behind a Detroit liquor store.

He immediately reviewed his store’s surveillance video and watched in horror as a man, whose face was unclear, parked his beige or white Ford F-150 behind the store, dumped the dog’s body, and drove away.

The liquor store owner and his friend, Lisa Jabbori contacted animal control, but could not reach anyone. “We called all day. So the poor thing was out there all night by itself in the cold just deceased,” Jabbori told FOX2.

Upon hearing what happened to the dog, Detroit Dog Rescue stepped in to help. They picked up the dog’s body and vowed to do whatever they can to bring her death to justice. They posted this image along with the following caption to Facebook:


“We know this picture is graphic and we apologize, but this is someone’s dog. This is a Golden Retriever mix with a prefect body weight and no visible trauma. A golden dog with a black collar.

This dog most likely froze to death and was dumped at the First Class Liquor on E. Warren Ave in Detroit by a white pick up truck.

Fox 2 has obtained footage of the dumping from a surveillance camera and we will be sharing it. We will also be offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Our team took care of this dog and gave it the dignity of a proper cremation. She was told we are sorry. We’re sorry we couldn’t be there for her, but she was special and she was loved.

Detroit is not a dumping ground and these dogs deserve better.”

With temperatures well below freezing, dipping into single digits overnight, Detroit Dog Rescue says they’re seeing a lot of cases of dogs frozen to death this winter. The rescue is unsure if the dog’s body was dumped out of desperation or if it was an intentional act of cruelty. Still, they’re offering $2,500 for information that identifies the person responsible.

Anyone with information about the truck, the driver, or the deceased dog is urged to contact Detroit Dog Rescue.

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