McDonald’s against Pits?!

Just as quickly as fans of pitbulls rejoiced in recent political support against labeling pitbulls as “vicious,” fast food giant, McDonald’s rolled out a new radio ad that drudged up the pitbull stereotype that we try so hard to debunk.

McDonald’s newly infamous radio ad states that eating their new menu items is less risky than petting a stray pitbull. But, because dog lovers, especially supporters of pitbulls and pitbull owners, are outraged – even boycotting the fast food giant, McDonald’s is quickly backpeddling. They said on their official Twitter account, “We apologize for running a local ad insensitive in its mention of pit bulls, we didn’t mean to offend anyone and the ad is being pulled.”

Is it too late? For many, the damage is done. With McDonald’s recently making headlines about their use of “pink slime” in their hamburger meat, bleaching agents in their McRib, and contaminated eggs in the breakfast foods, they’re hardly in a position to target anyone but themselves as “risky.” One thing’s for sure – because of this huge backlash, McDonald’s will not likely make a mistake like this again.

So how can McDonald’s win back the huge pitbull-loving segment of their market? We’re not sure they can – but a good place to start, besides backpeddling and blaming some ad executive for his poor decision-making, might be to make a very generous donation to a national pitbull rescue group.

Are you really sorry, McDonald’s?

Prove it.

What do you think about McDonald’s new radio ad? Will you be joining the thousands of pitbull fans and friends in their boycott? Share your thoughts below!

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