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Kansas City Dogs Targeted with Meat Stuffed with Rat Poison

Animal Control officers are investigating after several dogs in and around Kansas City were apparently targeted in an attempt to poison them with raw hamburger meat stuffed with rat poison.

rat poison

A dog owner in Overland Park, Kansas, just minutes outside Kansas City, is devastated over the death of her happy, healthy Husky after the dog ingested what appeared to be rat poison planted in her back yard.

“I let all the dogs out in the backyard,” owner Terrie Walterman said. “They all go out and play. When my other two came in — Missy liked to stay outside because she’s a Husky, and she has a lot of fur — and so I didn’t think anything about it.

“Sunday night she came in, and she just laid on the floor,” Walterman said. “We tried to pet her and you know. Then Monday morning I got up, and she was at the foot of my bed. She was dead.”

They discovered that Missy had thrown up several times and that her vomit contained small brown pellets that appeared to be rat poison. Walterman’s two other dogs are, thankfully, ok.

Just a week earlier, the family had seen news reports of another incident about 7-miles away in the Waldo area of Kansas City. Waldo resident Shannon Broderick found a raw hamburger patty stuffed with brown rat poison pellets just seconds before her dog, Bear, ate it.

Both dog owners are now urging area residents to be vigilant when letting their dogs outside, even in their own yards. Anyone with information should contact Overland Park or Kansas City Animal Control.



  1. Penny

    Nov 18, 2017 at 7:09 am

    Animal control doesn’t care. I was in KC on business this summer and witnessed a dog riddled with mange, wandering the streets in 105 degree heat. Animal control didn’t answer the phone & I had to contact the police to get in touch with them, but they still never came out. Animals don’t have a voice in KC, they are on their own.

  2. Jose

    Nov 17, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    First this is terrible. Second, I highly doubt someone just randomly did this. I see (hear) ignorant pet owners leave their barking dogs outside in neighborhoods. If you can’t shut your dog up, get rid of it. A neighbor was probably at the end of his rope with the barking. Idiotic pet owners are the problem, not the dogs. So its unfortunate that the poor thing had to lose its life.

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