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Missing Arizona Dog Found a Year Later in New York

If only dogs could talk! When an Arizona dog went missing a year ago, his family weren’t sure they’d ever see him again – until this month when he turned up 2,300 miles away in New York!

KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Max, a then 9-month old German Shepherd went missing from his Tucson, Arizona home in September of 2016.

Janet Escarcega said the family searched for weeks and weeks with no luck. The family began to worry that they’d never see their boy again.

But, a year later, the family got the phone call that changed everything. Max had been found. Mysteriously, the pup had made it across the country to the tiny town of Livonia, New York, more than 2,300 miles from home.

“It was like six thirty in the morning Arizona time so I was kinda like still asleep. So as soon as she told me I was like what! I mean I just got up I couldn’t believe it I thought it was a dream,” said Escarcega.

After proving Max was their dog, the now almost 2-year old dog was put on a plane and returned to Tucson for the happy reunion. The family said that, despite their time apart, Max seemed to recognize them right away.

But one question remains… just how did Max end up across the country? We may never find out.

So, until dogs actually DO learn to talk, make sure yours are microchipped and that the registration is kept up-to-date with current contact information.

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