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Missing Dog is Finally Going Home After 5 Years

After five years, an Indiana family had given up on ever seeing their beloved missing dog again. But, thanks to a microchip and a little Christmas magic, Cali is finally back home for the holidays.

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Five years ago, the Finke family’s Chocolate Lab, Cali escaped past the invisible fence and never came back home. The family searched and searched, but Cali never turned up.

Over the years, hope of ever seeing their missing dog again faded. Still owner Jan Finke prayed every week that she’d somehow make it home.

On Monday, his prayers were answered.

Three weeks ago, dog rescuer Linda Jackson took in a Chocolate Lab brought to her by a good Samaritan that found her along the side of a highway, suffering from double ear infections and a hematoma to her ear flaps.

After posting photos of the found dog to social media, no owner stepped forward to claim her. So, Jackson had her veterinarian scan for a microchip. Cali, as it turned out, was only 30 miles from home after all these years.

Despite the years that had passed, Finke made sure Cali’s microchip registration was up-to-date with current contact information. When his phone rang on Monday, Jan nearly fell out of his seat. It was a Christmas miracle – Cali was coming home!

“I think she knew who I was but, being gone five years, we don’t know how many names she had been called,” Finke told WISHTV.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that roughly 10 million dogs and cats go missing every year. In many cases, a microchip is the only reason these pets make it back home.

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