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Out for a Walk, Family Dog Digs Up 3,000-Year Old Bronze Age Relics

During their typical daily walk, a family dog made an amazing discovery when he dug up a collection of 3,000-year old relics buried there since the Bronze Age!

bronze age

(Hradec Králové Region)

Mr. Frankota was walking his dog, Monty, along one of the fields under the under the Orlické Mountains near the Czech village of Kostelecké Horky when Monty began frantically digging at the ground.

When Frankota leaned in to have a look at what his dog was so interested in, he spotted small pieces of metal emerging from the soil. When all was said and done, Monty had unearthed 13 sickles, two spear points, three axes, and a number of bronze bracelets, all dated to be over 3,000 years old.

Martina Beková, an archaeologist working for the Museum and Gallery of Orlické Mountains, examined the objects.

“The fact that there are so many objects in one place is almost certainly tied to an act of honoration, most likely a sacrifice of some sorts. What particularly surprised us was that the objects were whole, because the culture that lived here at the time normally just buried fragments, often melted as well,” she told Radio Praha. “These objects are beautiful, but the fact that they are complete and in good condition is of much more value to us.”

Frankota was awarded 7860 CZK (about $360 dollars) for his dog’s discovery by the Hradec Králové Region, which now owns the Bronze Age treasure. The collection is currently on display in an exhibition titled ‘Journey to the Beginning of Time’. After the exhibition, it will go on permanent display at the museum.

As for Monty, hopefully the dog was rewarded with treats and praise for his incredible find.

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