Phoenix Area Dogs Being Poisoned in Backyards

Residents of a Valley neighborhood in Phoenix are on the lookout for a man they believe is targeting their dogs. So far, two dogs have been found dead, with others reportedly poisoned as well.

In one week, two German Shepherds, from two different homes, have been killed in their own backyards.

One devastated resident, Cynthia Johnston, says she found her 7-month old German Shepherd, Fable, dying in the backyard only minutes after her dogs alerted her to an intruder. When she stepped outside, she saw a man running away, between her home and her neighbor’s, and then found her puppy lying on the ground.

Johnston told, “My dog was laying on the ground, barely breathing, foam and blood coming out of her mouth, and that’s when I noticed she was poisoned.”

A week earlier, another neighbor’s German Shepherd was poisoned and killed in the same neighborhood.

To date, police have no information and no suspects, but are investigating the deaths. It remains to be seen whether the man is targeting German Shepherds specifically.

Phoenix area residents should be on the lookout for suspicious activity and avoid leaving dogs unattended, even in their own backyards.

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