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Pomeranian Found Stuffed into Backpack and Abandoned on the Street

A 9-pound, 9-year old Pomeranian was found stuffed inside a backpack and abandoned on a Boston street last week. Now, rescuers are hoping someone steps forward with information about who left her…

Things are looking up for the 9-pound Pomeranian found trapped inside a zipped-up backpack and dumped beside a sidewalk in Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood last week. The dog, who Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) believes is 9-years old, could easily have died of exposure or starvation had she not been found by an observant passerby.

“It was so odd to find a backpack close to the sidewalk but seemingly intentionally hidden underneath a bush—so I felt compelled to investigate,” said West Roxbury resident Andrea DesJardins, who spotted the bag. “As I got closer I could see that something was moving inside the bag—I immediately loosened the zipper and was shocked to find a startled, chocolate brown Pomeranian staring back at me.”

DesJardins rushed the dog—and the backback—to the MSPCA-Angell adoption center in Jamaica Plain and explained how she found the tiny dog.

“It’s always shocking to imagine someone leaving a defenseless animal outside and trapped in such a way,” said MSPCA shelter operations coordinator Corinne Bourgoin.  “Had Andrea not gotten her to us it’s very possible she would have died inside that bag.”

“Jan,” as the dog has since been named by staffers, had a dangerously low temperature upon arrival and her gums were pale—both possible indicators of serious health concerns and likely a result of spending at least overnight inside the bag.

Staffed warmed her with blankets and plenty of loving attention that perked her right up.

Now, the MSPCA is hoping someone will step forward with information about who abandoned Jan in such a cruel way.

Although she does have a microchip, that chip was purchased by the Missouri Pet Breeders Association and was never populated with an owner’s contact information, leading MSPCA staff to conclude she was likely purchased from a Missouri breeder and flown to Massachusetts almost 10 years ago.

During the week she spent on a mandatory shelter hold, no one stepped forward to claim her. Because of her sweet personality and loving nature, Jan quickly became a staff favorite and was adopted by an MSPCA employee.

But, SPCA hasn’t given up getting justice for Jan and hope to locate whoever cruelly dumped the innocent dog. Abandoning a pet is a felony crime in Massachusetts punishable with fines up to $5,000 and up to seven years in state prison.

The MSPCA’s Law Enforcement department urges anyone with information to call its hotline at 800-628-5808.

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