Popware for Pets: How Did We Ever Live Without This?

Dexas, the manufacturer of Popware for Pets introduced its new space-saving dinnerware tailored specifically to pets. The new line is designed to eliminate many pet-owning woes, such as bulky accessories, difficult travel, and of course, messiness. The line includes: expandable/collapsible bowls for eating and drinking, expandable/collapsible pet feeder, adjustable pet feeder for growing dogs, travel cups, Grippmats to prevent spills, and suction lids to keep pet food fresh. All of the products in the “Popware for Pets™” line feature certified food-safe material and are especially lightweight, durable, and collapsible.

We thought all of their products were exceptional, but get a load of some of our favorites:

Popware for Pets Flexible Suction Lid for canned food:

Who among us is familiar with those cheap hard plastic canned food lids that are usually too tight, too loose, or nearly impossible to pull off the can when you need to? Have you tried using plastic wrap or aluminum foil, only to realize the food is dried out because you didn’t have an airtight seal on it? Then get a load of this: The Suction Lid from Popware for Pets is one of the products we saw recently that made us say, “Whoa! That’s so cool!”

It’s a 4″ round disk of flexible BPA-free silicone that you – seriously – just set on top of your can – any sized can – press down in the center, and it makes a vacuum seal. To remove it, you simply lift the edge of the disk to break the seal. The Suction Lid is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and doesn’t have any ridges like typical can covers, that can trap food and gunk!

Keep your canned dog food fresh longer, and no more broken fingernails from prying off lids! So simple, it’s hard to believe we haven’t see this before.

A product this cool really calls for a demonstration. We found this demo video from Smiley Dog on YouTube:

Popware for Pets Suction Lids are available in pink, green and purple, at www.popwareforpets.com. Get FREE SHIPPING when you enter the coupon code: “DOGINGTON”

Popware for Pets Collapsible Klipscoop:


The pre-portioned scoop helps avoid overfeeding your dog.

This is another product Popware for Pets showed us that just made perfect sense. Really, it’s the most practical way to practice portion control for your pet – so important with the current obesity epidemic in our pets. The Collapsible Klipscoop is both a measuring cup and a sturdy bag clip.


The klipscoop doubles at a sturdy bag clip!

The portion control, pre-measured cup helps you avoid overfeeding your pup. Then, the entire scoop, made from flexible BPA-free silicone, collapses flat for storage. The attached clip is a convenient way to seal your dry dog food bag. The clip is strong and holds your bag tightly closed. And, because it’s flat, you can tuck it away in tight spaces.

We love how handy the Klipscoop is, but we also love Popware’s attention to detail and use of trendy colors. The klipscoop is available in pink, green and purple to suit your decor.

The Klipscoop was recently recognized by Dr. Marty Becker as one of his 10 favorite products, recognized for its multiple uses and the role it can play in portion control for pets. We agree with Dr. Becker!

The klipscoop is available for purchase at www.popwareforpets.com. Get FREE SHIPPING when you enter the coupon code: “DOGINGTON”.

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