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Real Life ‘John Wick’ Runs Down Man that Killed His Dog

When a serial dog killer targeted the wrong pup, one man became a real-life ‘John Wick’, running down, and killing, the man that took his beloved dog’s life.

john wick

A man suspected of killing at least a half dozen dogs in China’s Yangzhou was run down and killed by the owner of one of the dogs he alledgedly killed.

Security camera footage captured the now-deceased man on a scooter, shooting a dog with a dart gun before speeding off. The dog’s owner heard his dog crying and ran over in time to find him paralyzed and dying as a result of the poison dart that hit him.

The dog owner got into his vehicle and chased down the shooter, slamming him into a brick wall, killing him at the scene.

Using poison darts to kill dogs is not uncommon in Yangzhou, where last year police seized more than 200,000 poisoned darts and arrested 8 men accused of poisoning dogs and selling them in China’s dog meat trade and to restaurants. More than 20 million dogs are estimated to be captured, killed, and sold to the dog meat trade every year. Just last December, 2000 pounds of deceased dogs were found during a cold storage raid in the Chinese province of Anhui.

As for the driver of the vehicle that killed the accused man, his family say the incident was an accident, that the driver simply ‘got the pedals confused as he was driving’ and didn’t intend to hit the man.

The real life ‘John Wick’ was arrested and charged with manslaughter. He is currently awaiting trial.



  1. Jean

    Jan 23, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Have to wonder if people are not poisoned themselves after eating meat from dogs killed by poisoned darts?

  2. David Eisemann

    Jan 23, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    Good for him, I certainly hope that the case will be thrown out of court. This idiot deserved what happened to him, and hopefully it will deter other idiots. If not, oh well, evolution in action.

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