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Senior Shelter Dogs Are the Artists at Museum’s Newest Exhibit

Move over Jackson Pollock – there’s a new pack of artists in town… and these seniors don’t need paintbrushes! A group of adopted senior shelter dogs have created their own pieces of art that will be on display at Ohio’s Massillon Museum through March 25.

shades of gray

The ‘Shake! – Shades of Gray’ exhibit features canvases “painted” by adopted senior dogs as well as portraits of the artists in action. On display at the Massillon Museum through March 25, 2018. Image credit: David Baio of David Baio Photography.

Shake! — Shades of Gray, an exhibition of paintings and photographs created by Pawsitive Ohio to showcase the beauty of adopting a dog from a local shelter, will be on view at Massillon, Ohio’s  Massillon Museum now through March 25.

To create the paintings in the exhibit, adopted senior shelter dogs were doused in safe, non-toxic paint made from corn starch, water and food coloring.

When the dogs shook, the flying paint was captured on canvases to create Jackson Pollock-style works of art, after which the senior canines were lovingly bathed and dried.

shades of gray

One of the ‘Shake! Shades of Gray’ canvases “painted” by an adopted senior dog on display at the Massillon Museum through March 25, 2018. Image credit: David Baio of David Baio Photography.

The exhibition also includes David Baio’s artistic and heartwarming photographs of the dogs in action.

Supported by ArtsinStark, the ‘Shake! – Shades of Gray’ exhibit was created to raise awareness of homeless pet population and emphasize that adoption is a lifelong commitment. Through the art of education, Pawsitive Ohio hopes to spread its mission to create a community where no dog needs to die in a shelter simply for being unwanted.

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

For more information about the exhibit or the Museum, call 330-833-4061 or visit massillonmuseum.org. The Massillon Museum is located at 121 Lincoln Way East in downtown Massillon, Ohio.

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