Science Reveals: Red Bowls Make Dog Food Taste Better

If you want your dog to truly enjoy his meal, serve it to him in a red bowl.

If you want your dog’s dinner to taste better than ever, it’s best to serve it up in a red colored bowl, rather than a black one, a silver one, and pink one… or any other color for that matter.

Researchers at Mongrelous University (home of the award winning Flapping Fidos dance troupe!) got hundreds of canine volunteers to eat out of different colored bowls while tasting a range of different canned and dry foods. Some of the taste-testing pooches were even served their food on plates.

All the dogs were then tested using a unique scoring technique, that took into account digestibility of the food, the rate of speed in which they ate their snacks, whether or not their tails wagged while eating, whether the dogs got gas from their meal, and the condition of their stools.

Those who ate from the red colored bowls consistently scored higher in all areas, whereas those eating from other colored bowls and dishes scored exponentially lower in each test.

Lead researcher, Dr. Ima Lye explained that “red bowls seemed make the dogs’ heads tilt forward more than any other color, thus allowing the frontal taste buds in the mouth to savour the flavor of their meals more fully.”

Researchers are, as of yet, unable to explain why even blind and visually impaired dogs also preferred their food out of red bowls.

Further research is planned to test if metal, glass, porcelain, or plastic bowls – all red in color – will have any effect on the results. Additionally, researchers at a nearby facility are testing to see if particular shades of red influence the results.


The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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