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Senior Dog Abandoned in Field with Note That Read “I Don’t Need a Dog”

A senior dog was found abandoned in a field, scared, alone, cold and wet, along with all of her belongings and a note around her neck that explained “I don’t need a dog.”

senior dog abandoned

Employees at the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance in England arrived at the field around 5am where they were fundraising during a flea market event called a “car boot sale” where individuals sell used household items and other goods from the trunks of their cars parked in rows.

There in the field they found Tessa, a 12-year old terrier, with a note tied to her neck that read,

The dog (Tessa) is 12 year old
(Tessa) is not my dog. My neighbor told me that Tessa is chipped.
My neighbor asked me if I would take charge of Tessa.
As my neighbor has planned a new life in (Canada)
Reluctantly I said yes (but) I did know I will not keep Tessa.
Tessa likes tea coffee & watered milk.
Tessa’s first meal is close to 11:30 am.
My neighbor has now gone to (Canada)
My neighbor was happy thinking that Tessa is in good hand.
Sorry for the above
But I don’t need a dog.

Alan Webster, who founded the Pet Ambulance Service 21 years ago wondered, “What if we hadn’t of been there for whatever reason that morning? He used us an excuse.”

After some research, they located Tessa’s previous owner, 76-year old Yvonne Radcliffe who had moved to Canada and re-homed Tessa over concerns that the senior dog would not survive the transatlantic flight.

Yvonne’s son, Paul Edwardson, discovered Tessa had been abandoned when he saw her photo on Facebook. When he contacted his mother, she immediately began crying, repeating “what has happened to my dog?”

Radcliffe will return to the UK to collect a few remaining possessions, but primarily to re-home Tessa.

“Mum was worried where Tess would go and didn’t want her to go to a stranger, Edwardson explained to Metro. “She had known the neighbor for over nine years and he told her that he had always wanted a dog.”

‘The neighbor had told my mum that he was ‘building a run for her’ and was ‘so happy to have her’,” he continued, hoping to make it clear that his mother hadn’t just dumped her dog on someone and left the country, but had sincerely thought the neighbor she’d lived next to for 9 years would truly give her a wonderful life.

Meanwhile, Tessa is being cared for by volunteers of the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance and will be adopted to a loving, deserving home.

No charges have been filed against the neighbor responsible for abandoning the senior dog.



  1. Sandie Abel

    May 9, 2017 at 9:44 am

    My collie Emily is 13 years old and still the joy of my life. She's slowed down a bit, but she's still the sweet girl she always was. It's horrible that humans do things like this to dogs.

  2. Elizabeth McFarland

    May 8, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    He should have been charged with animal abandonment and abuse….PERIOD What he did is despicable, and underhanded. If he did not want the dog, he should have been honest with the original owner and told her the truth, instead of lying to her. What a lowlife!!

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