Should I Be Giving My Dog Glucosamine Supplements?

Many people, especially those suffering from arthritis, have been taking glucosamine these days to help soothe their aching joints or prevent the disease. Because glucosamine works well with humans, a lot of dog owners have been wondering if administering the same compound can help their arthritic dogs as well.

Effects of Glucosamine in Dogs

Glucosamine is basically a compound that is naturally found in the healthy cartilage and the synovial fluid in the body. It has been found to be essential when it comes to maintaining healthy gristles in the bone, and even more so when it comes to repairing damages in it. In dogs, glucosamine is often used as an efficient food supplement that is utilized in treating arthritis and hip dysplasia. You have to understand that your pet’s joints and ligaments are prone to old age deterioration; leading to pain and problems with mobility. As a result, your pooch becomes less active, thereby, causing another health issue due to inadequate exercise.

Glucosamine for dogs is basically administered as a dietary supplement, and it appears that dogs, especially the bigger ones, tend to respond well to it. As a matter of fact, this supplement can be very beneficial to your pooch’s overall health; saving you from lots of distress as a dog parent. Because dogs experiencing arthritis are usually in so much pain, glucosamine can now be successfully utilized to give them relief from the discomfort at the same time make them feel a whole lot better. So if you’re not sure if you really need to give Fido glucosamine, then stop being hesitant. Talk to your vet and let your pooch keep on enjoying life even at his old age by giving him this supplement.

Giving Glucosamine

Once you spot any signs of arthritis in your pooch, you need to talk to your vet immediately about how you can help him get relief from all the discomfort brought about by the disease, and if glucosamine supplements could work for him. There are lots of glucosamine products for dogs that are available in the market in the form of treats, pills and liquids. Just see to it that you pick the best by considering your pooch’s breed as well as his specific needs. Before giving Fido glucosamine, ensure that you consulted your vet and he has given you his “go” signal. In addition, there are times that glucosamine is better given to dogs as a preventive measure. Remember that it’s always better to keep your pooch healthy and active than waiting for him to actually suffer from any joint problem.

Finally, while it may be true that glucosamine can greatly help your ailing pooch, it is crucial that you do not rely merely on this compound and other dietary supplements. Healthy diet, sufficient exercise, and lots of TLC will always be your best weapon against the disease.

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