The Collie Is a Great Family Dog

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Looking for a dog to add to your happy home? If so you may want to take a look at the Collie breed because the Collie is a great family dog for a wide variety of reasons. When people think about this breed there is one famous Collie that immediately pops up. Lassie from the hit TV show of the same name was a long running show because of the wonderful antics of Lassie and her owner Jimmy. You can expect many of these same fine attributes in your dog if you decide on this breed.

The American Kennel Club has several categories for the over one hundred and fifty breeds they recognize. The Collie breed is placed in the “working group” of breeds because this is what the breed was originated to do. They are used as herding dogs for sheep, cattle, and other animals. This requires a very stout and agile dog that instinctively protects the animals. This is one reason why a Collie is such a great family dog. They naturally are very protective of the children and adults in your family so you have the peace of mind your children are safe when with the dog.

A Collie requires plenty of space in a home and outside to thrive. This breed is not well suited to apartment and small home living due to their very active nature. The typical Collie will weigh 50 to 85 pounds depending on the sex of the dog. Collies also enjoy being around adults and children and make the perfect dog for a youngster who wants a dog. They are very protective of their family and turf. While very friendly and outgoing they also protect those in the home and will not hesitate to bark and if need be attack any threat to those they love.

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  1. I’ve had a few collies, and every one of them have been outstanding dogs. My current two are rescues from Collie Rescue in Fairfax, VA. They are all the article said about them and more. My I would say that Collies don’t need a whole lot of exercise other than a good long walk, and are most happy spending time with their families.