The Loveable Cairn Terrier

The American Kennel Club lists many different breeds of terrier dogs. One of these terriers that many people are discovering is a perfect match for their life style, plus being a great family dog, is the loveable Cairn terrier.

Originating in Scotland, as so many other terrier breeds can lay claim to as the country of their origin, the loveable Cairn terrier is a close cousin to the Welsh terrier, Scottish terrier, and West Highland terrier. The Cairn terrier breed is very popular in its native nation and many other European nations, but is still somewhat obscure in America. This is changing however as more and more people discover what a great dog the Cairn is.

What draws the attention of many dog lovers to this diminutive dog is he is not like his more sophisticated and pampered relatives. The Cairn is what I would call your average all around normal dog that is happy without all the pampering. If he looks a bit rough around the edges due to lack of weekly grooming this is part of his allure so many find appealing.

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