Tips To Slow Shedding

We might as well face the fact that owning a dog means you are going to have dog hair being shed all over the house. Some breeds are much worse than others, but all breeds of dogs are going shed hair to a greater or lesser degree. So what can we do to reduce this problem of your dog shedding hair?  There are certain things all dog owners can do to reduce the amount of shedding so let’s go over a few of them.

If there is one major method of cutting down on your dog shedding hair, it is with a regular grooming schedule. A few minutes spent every day brushing the dogs coat will go a long way in reducing the hair accumulation throughout your home. Not only will there be less shedding, your dog is really going to enjoy this time you spend together if you make it a playful time. Plus this is a great time to look closely at the condition of the dogs coat and skin for any problems.

The time of year also plays into how much shedding of hair the dog does. From a heavy winter coat of hair to the summer coat you can expect heavy shedding. This is normal and will require more brushing to keep up. On the flip side, as summer progresses into the colder months of fall and winter, the shedding will reduce as the coat builds a layer of hair for keeping your pooch warm.

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