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Turtle That Was Fed Puppy in Idaho Classroom Euthanized

An Idaho science teacher’s cruelty didn’t end when he fed a puppy to his classroom pet, a snapping turtle. Following the incident, authorities seized and euthanized the turtle, too.

Robert Crosland, a well-loved science teacher at Idaho’s Preston Junior High School remains under investigation by local police and the school board after allegedly feeding a live puppy to one of the classroom pets, a snapping turtle, on March 7.

Although the incident occurred after school hours, several students were present and watched the feeding.

During the investigation, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game seized the turtle and turned it over to state’s Department of Agriculture. Because snapping turtles are considered an invasive species in Idaho, and Crosland did not have a permit to keep one, another innocent animal was sentenced to death.

“The snapping turtle was euthanized humanely” a representative from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture said.

Law enforcement officials turned over their incident reports to a prosecuting attorney in the 6th Judicial District who will review and determine if animal cruelty charges will be filed against Crosland.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Billy

    Mar 20, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    Should have being him the poor turtle is not to blame where do they get these so called teachers from lock him up he is not fit to teach youngsters or any body else for that matter im angrey that the poor little puppy was killed in such a manner and im angrey also that the turtle lost its life because of a moron like him could be So Cruel like i xaid before LOCK HIM UP NOW He might also be a Danger to the Children Get Rid of him

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