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Veterinarian Charged with Killing Neighbor’s Barking Dog

A Louisiana veterinarian was formally charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal use of a weapon, and illegal possession of prescription drugs after fatally shooting a neighbors dog for barking.

veterinarian arrested

Kelly Folse, a 35-year old veterinarian in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, was arrested in December for aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal discharge of a firearm, and drug charges after police searched her home following the shooting death of her neighbor’s 15-month old dog, Bruizer.

On December 13, a family member found Bruizer injured in the family’s fenced-in backyard. “The dog was just shaken and in shock and still breathing and everything,” Mike Giangrosso told WILX. “He had his head up I thought there may have been a chance they could have saved him.”

Bruizer was rushed to the Abadie Veterinary Hospital, coincidentally, the same veterinary hospital where Folse worked, where she’d been a volunteer in her teens before earning her veterinary license 7 years ago. “Entrance wound was right in the back of his head exit wound was right through the eye,” said Dr. Scott Abadie.

Veterinarians at the clinic were unable to save Bruizer who died the following day.

Prior to Bruizer’s death, Folse reportedly made numerous threats to the dog and for months had sent angry text messages to his owner complaining of his barking, making her a prime suspect in the shooting.

When police searched Folse’s home, they found anti-anxiety medication diazepam, better known by the brand name Valium, and methacarbomol, a muscle relaxant, both drugs for which Folse did not have prescriptions, adding drug charges to her list of crimes.

When asked how someone capable of the heinous killing an animal got a job at his animal hospital, Dr. Abadie said, “she never showed any signs of anything like that before. We are just devastated by what happened I’ve been opened for 27 years. We’ve always done good quality veterinary medicine in a compassionate environment and my sympathies go out to the family of Bruzer because I know they are devastated.”

Folse was arrested and taken to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. She was immediately fired from the animal hospital. On Wednesday, February 21, prosecutors filed a bill of information and she was formally charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal, illegal discharge of a firearm, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of a drug without a prescription, according to Jefferson Parish court records.

But Folse’s attorney, Robert Garrity Jr. maintains his clients’ innocence, claiming she did not shoot and kill Bruizer.

Folse is scheduled to be arraigned on March 19.



  1. Jean

    Dec 26, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Did Bruiser bark? It would be nice if this was addressed. If so, if he did, where is the outcry over his owners’ culpability in exposing him to this threat in the first place? Please don’t let your dog bark. There are crackpots out there who might shoot him.

  2. Jeanne Kenyon

    Dec 21, 2017 at 9:50 am

    I’ve seen drugs change every aspect of an individual’s personality. This is a horrible loss to the family of Bruizer; condolences to them. I hope that the vet can get her life back in order and somehow try to make reparations for this act of violence that forever changed two lives.

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