Where’s the Cheapest Place to Buy Dog Food Online

Between routine visits to the vet, grooming, food, treats, toys and pet supplies the American Pet Products Association says some studies estimate that a dog owner will spend $11,000 on a dog over the lifetime of the pet. I’m sure every dog owner would agree that our pets are more than worth that much money. But I’m just as sure everyone would also agree that they’d love to find ways to shave those costs. One way to reduce those expenses is to determine where’s the cheapest place to buy dog food online. And that’s what I set out to do.

Wow! I had no idea there are so many websites where you can buy dog food. No wonder it’s easy to get confused about which sites you’ve been to and where you can save the most money when you buy dog food online.

So we’ve done the comparison-work for you. After comparing prices of hundreds of different dog foods across dozens of sites, there are two winners in the price war. The two sites with the widest selection and the lowest prices are PetFoodDirect and Pet Flow. After comparing these two sites against all the others, we then compared them against each other. Each of these sites had a lower price half the time when compared with the other site. But without a doubt these two sites are where the cheapest place to buy dog food online can be found.

Here’s a random sampling of brands, selections and package sizes to give you an idea of pricing at these two sites.

Which is cheaper for dog food: Pet Food Direct or Pet Flow

Prices valid as of 3/27/12

Check out PetFoodDirect and Pet Flow to determine which one carries your dog food brand for the lowest price. That way, the next time you need to buy dog food you’ll know where’s the cheapest place to buy dog food online. As you’ll discover, both of these sites also have clubs you can join for free which provide you with more discounts.  In fact, if you click on the Pet Flow link, you can get free shipping for life.  Just think, no more carrying heavy bags or cans of food so you have more time to spend with your dog.


This article contains original research from The Dogington Post.  This article also contains affiliate links and the author of the article may receive compensation if you purchase something from those sites.


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