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Woman Caught on Camera Stealing Dog Food from Shelter

Surveillance camera footage captured a woman stealing hundreds of pounds of donated dog food from an Oregon shelter over the course of several months.

On Monday, the Oregon Dog Rescue in Tualatin turned to Facebook to share surveillance video footage of a then-unknown woman entering shelter property after hours and stealing several packages of donated dog food.

The shelter posted the following message, asking for help in identifying the woman and hoping to put an end to the thefts that had continued over several months at the shelter.

“At Oregon Dog Rescue we love our community and try to help as many people and dogs as we can.

Over the past few months we have had the same individual on our security cameras stealing dog food from inside of our front gate multiple times.

We are a small non profit that feeds close to 2,000 dogs per year in addition to sending food to our rescue partners in California.

These food bins are donations from the dog loving public meant to be for rescue dogs! These bins are left inside of our gate so that the public may drop off food anytime.

If you know this woman please tell her to stop stealing from the dogs! We are happy to provide food for those in dire need but stealing full garbage cans full of food is not acceptable!”

Despite signs informing visitors that they were being recorded on camera and reminders that the food was donated for the almost 2,000 dogs Oregon Dog Rescue feeds each year, the thefts continued for several months.

After posting the video, the shelter received several leads and, with the help of Tualatin Police were able to identify the dog food thief. Police are now investigating. It is unknown whether she will face charges at this time.

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