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Will The 12 Dogs of Christmas find Homes for the New Year?

As we reach the end of 2017, many of us are reflecting on the year behind us, making resolutions and planning for a happy, healthy New Year ahead. In the season of love, celebration, family and togetherness, it’s impossible to ignore the millions of shelter dogs around the country holding onto hope that 2018 will be the year they finally find their forever homes.

Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend their lives with a family of their own.

Meet the 12 Dogs of Christmas! The Dogington Post along with our friends at Halo® Purely for Pets® have joined forces to introduce you to 12 needy dogs in hopes that they’ll finally get noticed…and maybe get a home for the New Year!

12 dogs of christmas

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Angel, a Deaf Dog in Search of Love & Adventure!

12 dogs of christmas

In April of last year, Angel was found running the streets of Houston with a tranquilizer dart embedded in her shoulder. When they finally captured her, her rescuers quickly discovered she was deaf, most likely due to the double-merle gene. Despite a troubled past, Angel showed a strong will to live and, although several trainers recommended euthanasia, her rescuers refused to give up on this adventurous girl. Finally, with the help of a behaviorist that understood her needs, Angel has finally come out of her shell and is ready for love and adventure with a family of her own!

Learn all about Angel right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-angel

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Nicholas, a Snuggle Bug with Lots of Love to Give!

12 dogs of christmas

Nicholas was found starved almost to death and chained outside in the middle of winter a year ago. He was completely emaciated and had two torn ACLs. He has since had a double ACL repair, tons of groceries, and is ready for his forever home! Today, ‘Nick’ is happy, healthy, and looking for love!

Learn all about Nicholas right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-nicholas/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Rosie! Searching for a Family for 7 Years!

12 dogs of christmas

In 2010, the director of All About Animals Rescue received a phone call begging her to take in a couple of dogs she saw at our local animal control in the back of a truck. One of them happened to be Rosie.

Rosie has been looking for her family for 7 YEARS! Why, do you ask? Because Rosie is shy and it takes her a little while to come out of her shell, so she often gets overlooked. All of the volunteers at AAAR know Rosie for the playful girl she is, but most people tend to walk past her. Rosie is a wonderful dog – she gets along well with all people as well as dogs. She’s so much fun to be around and doesn’t constantly demand attention. She’ll be the perfect companion for someone willing to get to know her.

Learn all about Rosie right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-rosie/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Shadow: As Smart As He Is Handsome!

12 dogs of christmas

Unfortunately, Shadow’s past is a difficult one which included severe abuse, neglect and mistreatment. Animals of such strong breed types often fall victim to ignorant owners/handlers who do not have an understanding of the dog or the breed. Rising Dove Rescue worked with professionals for many months to help rehabilitate him. And, Shadow has emerged as a loving, friendly, and trusting dog, once he is comfortable with you.

Shadow LOVES children, the outdoors, hiking, water, leaves, running with his tennis balls or football, playing fetch.  Shadow LOVES getting squirted with the garden hose and playing in his dog pool.  Shadow LOVES his people and is a very loyal and intelligent dog. Shadow loves being walked and exploring new trails in the woods. Shadow can play for hours with his ball and leaves – he loves to jump in piles of leaves searching for his tennis ball – it is so exciting when he finds it in the leaves, he will pop up with a big smile!

Learn all about Shadow right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-shadow/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Maverick! A Sugar-faced Senior with a Love for Life & Toys!

12 dogs of christmas

After meeting Maverick, you cannot help but want to see him experience every joy available to a dog! You want to watch him barrel up a hill and you want to watch him turn and run back to you with all the enthusiasm of a puppy! When that white face smiles at you, you know he has experienced so much you wish he hadn’t but you also have no doubt that he has let all of those experiences behind him, like a toy without a squeaker.

Maverick is a gentle, affectionate and extraordinary soul. He wins the heart of everyone who meets him. He has had dog playmates, but Haven to Home prefers he be an only pet, unless his human is very dog savvy. He knows many obedience and trick commands and clearly loves performing for his human. If his big bully eyes don’t get him what he wants, he is not above holding a paw in the air to let you know he is in need of some additional cuddles!

Learn all about Maverick right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-maverick/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Ranger! This Handsome Senior is a Lover!

12 dogs of christmas

Hi there! I’m Ranger and I’d like to be your new exploring buddy! I’m a very distinguished looking, 8 year old Boxer mix. The folks here call me their big, beautiful, brindle boy and say I’ve got a playful and loving heart. Although I can be selective when it comes to other pooches and kitties, an introduction would be needed make sure it’s a good fit. I would also do well in a home with older kids who can play an active role in my training and play times!

I am the master of knocking treats out of my wobbler kong and loooove my tennis balls. The volunteers say I’m one of their favorites to walk, since I try to mind my leash manners and am a good listener when I get distracted or anxious. My friends at the shelter keep telling me they don’t know why I’m still here…I’ve been waiting for my person for more than three years. Is it you? I’m hoping that it’s finally my turn. 

Learn all about Ranger right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-ranger/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Trey, a Labrador Looking for Love!

12 dogs of christmas

Trey is a very special 3-year old Lab-mix who has been looking for a family for more than 2 years. Nearly all his life, he’s never had the opportunity to live in a true home with a family. Now, it’s time to explore all that life has to offer!

Trey loves to explore so his nose is to the ground every chance he gets! He loves attention and is a happy boy whose tail never stops wagging.

Learn all about Trey right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-trey/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Shirley! A Brilliant Girl that LOVES to Learn!

12 dogs of christmas

Upstate Underdog Rescue met Shirley at a local shelter where she found herself after being picked up by animal control. She spent a few months at the shelter and she even charmed a family who thought she’d be the right fit for them…unfortunately, they changed their minds and decided not to come pick her up after she’d been spayed. That was 3 YEARS ago!

Shirley Loves Learning! She absolutely LOVES to work her brain and learn new things!  She’s never participated in a class or dog sport in which she didn’t excel–obedience, rally, agility, scentwork, tricks, barn hunt–you name it, she can do it!

Shirley Loves Being with the Dogs and People She Loves!  Shirley adores playing with her foster brothers!  She plays long, hard, fast, and loud with her favorite playmate. (Although she’s very respectful of her 16 year old canine foster brother, never jumping on him or pushing him over…except possibly to get a treat first. She likes food, too, after all…) As much as she loves playing hard, she is the first to find just the right cuddling spot with her human, though. She can curl herself into a tiny ball and you’d never know she was there. (She doesn’t even snore!)

Learn all about Shirley right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-shirley/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Sophie! A Sweet, Lovable Couch Potato in Search of a Snuggle Buddy!

12 dogs of christmas

Sophie started off her life with a backyard breeder that just wanted her out. She came into Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue very broken and confused, she didn’t understand who she should trust, or who she should be afraid of. Quick movements scared her, lifting your hand too quickly and she’d drop to the floor. If you raised your voice she would cower and run. But, after being in her foster home for a year now, she is starting to understand that not everyone in the world is awful. She is very trusting and loyal and wants nothing more than to please her humans.

Sophie is such a sweetheart, she has learned to love everyone she meets. Now that she trusts her foster family, she is great with strangers – anybody can walk right up to her and pet her. She loves being loved and given affection. She has learned to tolerate water, nail clippings, and some dogs. Sophie will now step right into the bathtub, only fusses a little when we clip her nails AND has learned to share. Want to bring in the new year with a new best friend?! Sophie is your pooch!

Learn all about Sophie right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-sophie/

12 dogs of christmasThis is sweet DayZ. She’s such a friendly, happy playful girl. She was pregnant when rescued and all of her babies found loving forever homes. Now DayZ’s wants her forever home.

DayZ is a 5-year old sweetheart that loves to go for walks, especially at the lake where she can play in the water. DayZ would love to have a fenced yard where she can run and chase tennis balls to drain off her energy and be with you. She also enjoys car rides. Because she can can be energetic, she is best in a home with older children–although she loves the little ones! But, even though DayZ can be energetic, she can also be very calm and chill beside you. DayZ is also crate and house trained. Please consider making this sweet girl part of your family. She’s waiting for you!!

Learn all about DayZ right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-dayz/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Kermit! Rescued From Death Row, Seeking Love & Belly Rubs

12 dogs of christmas

Kermit the Dog here! I’d love to tell you a little about myself and see if we’d be a good match. First of all, I love affection! Belly rubs and head scratches, I’m all for it. I’m a sweet guy and I’ll give you lovin’ right back! Secondly, I’m insanely handsome, but I know you noticed that. I’m just a big goofball that loves to play. I need a yard, so make sure it’s got a good fence! Sometimes those squirrels can just be too enticing and tempt me to get out. I can run super fast around the yard! Give me twenty minutes and I’ll wear myself out. After that I’m good to lie on my bed and nap!

After a year and-a-half of looking, I’m ready for my forever home in 2018!

Learn all about Kermit right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-kermit/

The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Katrina! A Gorgeous Girl With a Heart as Big as Her Ears!

12 dogs of christmas

Katrina was surrendered to the Chesterfield County SC Animal Services shelter in 2015 by owners that couldn’t afford veterinary care. When she was surrendered, she suffered from a horrible prolapsed uterus that her owners had let her endure for far too long. Katrina LOVES all people and is a super super sweet girl. She can play with others with supervision, but needs to eat alone and doesn’t doesn’t like males sniffing her bottom.

She absolutely loves toys, running, and playing with people! After years in the shelter, she’d love a home and a family all her own!

Learn all about Katrina right here: https://www.dogingtonpost.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-katrina/

The great folks at Halo Pet Food have a mission to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised…for the better. With that goal in mind, if you adopt one of our “12 Dogs of Christmas,” they’ll send you $100 worth of food and treats for your newest furry family member!


For over 30 years, Halo® has insisted on creating only holistic pet foods that rely first on WHOLE meat, poultry or fish – never ANY rendered “meat meal” – making these recipes fundamentally different from the kibble found in almost all leading “natural” pet food brands. Now, the brand has added OrigiNative™ and Non-GMO Vegetables along with Proven Superior Digestibility to that heritage. Plus, when you choose America’s Best Loved Holistic Brand®, Halo feeds it forward (#HaloFeeditForward), donating a bowl of Halo to shelter pets every time consumers buy, in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States, Freekibble.com and GreaterGood.org. Halo offers pet parents a money back guarantee, “Feed for 14 Days, Love it or it’s Free! Learn more about Halo’s HOLISTIC. WHOLE. HUMANE. Pet food for dogs and cats at HaloPets.com


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